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Legacy Magazine
National Publication

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“You were made for more than to be stuck in a vicious cycle of defeat.

You have circled this mountain long enough. Now turn North.”

Deuteronomy 2:2-3


Preview of Legacy Magazine Concept

What you see here is our “show and tell”.  Our debut issue has a projected publishing date of Mother’s Day, Sunday May 14, 2023. The first edition will be dedicated to Mother’s, Matron’s, and Miracle Workers who have made great contributions both in our church and the greater Christian Community.


We took the liberty of using pictures from our national, district & temple online posts, and

other social media platforms to create a little sample for you today.


From a Legacy standpoint, while money, stocks & bonds might be on the top of the list, there are other gifts that we should consider. Perhaps a powerful assignment carried out or a strategy that worked is worth bequeathing; articles that translate authenticity, integrity, and transparency, and stories about survival techniques in spiritual warfare in a world built on malice, deceit, and trickery. 

Ultimately, we believe this Legacy Magazine can bring a lot to the table as we focus on remaining accessible to kingdom building; retaining what we have and reclaiming what we’ve lost; and affirming that one of the most powerful things we can leave is our stories and our journeys, the challenges we overcame and the impacts that we made.


  • Document & share things of value within this organization

  • Increase overall morale

  • Create a national engagement

  • Generate income

  • Inform, educate, share and entertain

  • To reach a global audience


Legacy Magazine will strive to advance the Church of the Living God’s public image by publishing relevant, relatable, creative and spiritually beneficial content. We have so much talent to be captured, shared and commemorated and this platform will allow us to showcase some amazing gifts within the organization. Some of the features will include: ministries, written word, photos, art work, quotes, entrepreneurs, musicians, etc. that has proven to be instrumental in the growth of this organization. The Legacy Magazine will be multidimensional, shared across multiple platforms and will be published in digital and hard copy forms.

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We are looking for skilled individuals to serve as.....



Social Media Directors



Administrative Specialist

Tech Person

Production Manager

Sales-Marketing Officer.